Wake Up

43fa5497dcee9ce7dab90d23ccd7aeb1   I woke up early, as I usually do. The room was still dark. Only a sliver from the waiting morning peaked through a crack in the curtains. Kevin, my boy, was snuggled under his new transformers blanket. From my spot at the foot of the bed, I stretched and yawned loudly; hoping Kevin would wake up and take me outside. It didn’t work, so I continued onto step two. Slowly working my way up to the head of the bed, I pushed my nose under the covers and licked Kevin’s ear. He was warm and smelled like the chocolate chip cookies he snuck into our bedroom and shared with me last night.

“Leave me alone, Ranger,” Kevin grumbled, pulling the covers back over his head. As far as I was concerned, this was not an option for the simple fact that some matters of nature can’t wait.

On to step three; I began walking up and down the length of the bed, stepping on and over Kevin on each pass. Every so often, I would stop to lick his ear, or whatever I could reach through his protective arms.

“Come on Ranger, it’s Saturday!” he cried.

    Don’t care, I barked.

“Please?” he asked through the blanket.

Wagging my tail, I jumped up and down and barked until Kevin threw back the covers and looked at me. His sleepy frown quickly turned to giggles when I lunged forward and licked his face.

“Okay boy, I’ll take you outside, and then we’ll get some breakfast.”