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Pirate Tales

A little Mystery, A little Romance, A lot of Laughs… Salty Tails is a sarcastic, dog-hating cat, who thinks humans are here for two things and two things only; to feed and entertain him. To that end, Salty lives with his human partner, the emotional scarred, Thomas ‘Stormy’ McGuire, on a houseboat in Marina del Rey. While Salty and Stormy are investigating a string of stolen boats, a friend is found dead in the water. It’s up to Stormy and Salty to find the connection. As if Stormy didn’t have enough to deal with, he suddenly finds himself the target of two women. One he thinks he’s in love with, the second claims only to be a friend. Can Stormy’s wounded heart survive? Set sail with Salty Tails as he shares this bi-coastal tale of love and intrigue.

Vanished Tales

Salty Tails is back! And he’s as sarcastic and hungry as ever. At the ripe young age of twenty-three, Stormy McGuire found the love of his life in the beautiful, redheaded eighteen-year-old Denise O’Brien – the daughter of a respected federal judge. Two days after accepting his marriage proposal, she vanished leaving Stormy devastated. Nineteen years later, an older wiser Stormy has a new love in his life – the gorgeous perky Monica Sanchez and her dopey golden retriever Cuervo. Along with their furry partners, Stormy teaches sailing and helps Monica run Harbor Charters. Stormy’s favorite saying to his students is, “You can never be too prepared.” Unfortunately, nothing could prepare him for the surprises waiting at the dock. And one of them comes with a dog. Salty is not pleased. Follow along as Salty’s tale of murder, kidnapping, and blackmail converge with a shocking gift born from love.

Obsession Tales

Salty Tails sets sail in his third Cozy Mystery. An amusing tale filled with, Romance, Mystery, and Salty’s unique and entertaining view of life. All Stormy McGuire wants in life is to get married to the love of his life and live happily ever after. Believing she has closed the book on ex-fiancé – a bad boy named Antonio Rivas – Monica Sanchez is ready to begin a new chapter with Stormy. It seems Antonio has written his own ending for the happy couple.

Brandon and the Red Backpack

Join Brandon, his sister Squeak, and their best friend Rolly as they search for the new bird feeder at the edge of the woods. But make sure you keep a good look out for Big-Flo the Hawk.

Walters Folly

Rusty Nails, (Cat Detective) short story series is a humorous homage to the noir detective greats such as Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and Robert B Parker.
So please sit back and have fun.

Save the Squirrel

Sharp tongued men of action…
Rusty Nails (Cat Detective) is part two in my humorous homage the the Noir Detective greats both past and present.